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Made In The Shade - from the land of maroons...

Released in the fall of 2014, this collection of 8 originals and 2 covers sells consistently on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Featuring the hit single - Too big to fit


NulllluN Productions

Multi-instrumentalist James Wallin and Wade Johnson are former members of “Made In The Shade” whose solo release “from the land of maroons…”  is a steady seller on spotify, iTunes, etc. This is; in essence; the continuation of that project. With the addition of Bass extraordinaire Matthew Cristiano the project became “Clone Lab”. The suits at NulllluN Productions are so pleased with this release they have asked the boys to get back in the studio pronto and get to work on album number two. This is original music at it’s finest, so please….ENJOY!!

Clone Lab - Clone Lab

Brand new release in 2018. Modern day rock with that old school flair!

A day in the village

Gettin the shoes dirty in the great NYC


James Wallin - Guitars, Horns, Keys, Vocals

Matthew Cristiano - Bass, Vocals

Wade Johnson - Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Earl Flapjack - Drums, Bummers

Backing Vocals - Loreen Johnson

Recorded at - Thurston's VIP studios, Downtown Orlando

Engineered & Mixed - James Wallin, Wade Johnson

Produced by - James Wallin, Wade Johnson

Executive Producer - Wade Johnson

Lyrics - Wade Johnson, James Wallin, Matthew Cristiano

Addititional Lyrics - Sean Lane

Special thanks to - Dave Moe


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